Últimas noticias desde la defensa de los árboles en Bekea (Galdakao)

Martes, 13-octubre. 19.00 - Han liberado a las dos personas de la comisaría de Galdakao.
16:30 - Han bajado a las dos personas y las han detenido.
15:35 - Las últimas noticias que nos llegan a las 15:35 hablan de un equipo de escalada de la Ertzaintza que se ha desplazado al recinto de obras con la intención de subir al árbol defendido y desalojar a los áctivistas encaramados.

Han identificado a tres personas.

Atent@s a las próximas movilizaciones!

Argazkiak / Fotos
Zuhaitzak Galdakaon
Zuhaitzak Galdakaon
Zuhaitzak Galdakaon


3 iruzkin for 'Últimas noticias desde la defensa de los árboles en Bekea (Galdakao)'

1. desde las alturas...de pies en el suelo

nada un beso desde un pueblecito pegado a la gran barcelona donde demasiado amenudo hemos subido a arboles para defenderlos...alguien dice que acciones absudas.

...pero mas absurdo fue soñar un dia y solo quedarse con que aquello era un sueño...y no una possiblidad.

besos amig@s.

ni tav ni caufec...desobediencia popular

3. Activists keep on against the High Speed Train

Earth First! Action Reports
The campaign against the High Speed Train doesn't rest over here in the Basque Country. Funny enough: in both sides of it (if you can consider there are such), in the French administrated as ell as in the Spanish one. Next Saturday 17th October a demo has been called in Baiona, where people from 'both sides' will attend . Meanwhile the latest attempt to climb trees and defend the woods has failed today when activists were taken down by the Basque police (yes, there is one - brutal,fascist and feared as much as the Spanish and French ones!!). This new attempt aimed to continue the success of the last weeks when activists remained for two weeks up in centenary birch trees in woods facing removal. This action, in some way the first one of its kind after camps, sit-ins, etc, triggered a series of actions all over the Basque Country. Activists climb centric trees of their own cities and towns to show solidarity and to take the message. Without any doubts, the most mediatic of such actions was the climbing of the Gernika tree. This is the historic oak tree which ancient Basque chieftains gathered around. The one targeted by the nazis, the Condor Legion, when the well known bombing of this city. However this seems to be the only tree that really matters to basque politicians.