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login: Call4nodes >> call for participation v.1.08
password: *******

hm@gaia:~/Filtering cyberspace: telematical research of technopolitical dimensions; privacy as a goal; neutrality; free communications mode set; starting call4nodes /n

<hackmeeting> a real encounter among reprogrammed cyborgs with social and technological daily data, data nexus who open ways for information sharing, prosumers, temporary autonomous laboratories, media/activists, archetypes for

information harckitechts, artivists; for all of them this summoning goes</hackmeeting>

hm@gaia:~/Dumping Hackelarre'07: knowledge synchronization; experiences feedback; connecting eager minds; creating archive /n

This is the day when we can meet face to face and plan the goals to achieve in

an immediate future; to coordinate and to establish action guidelines. To modify and to improve the hacktivist essence, to carry out social changes through reality hacking.

hm@gaia:~/Scanning threats: metatags spectral query /n

[basic_rights_violation] [irrational_consumption] [child_abuse] [instilled_inmobilism]

[ecosystem_destruction] [false_recycling] [absent_privacy] [intellectual_property] [knowledge_patents] [artificial_shortage] [speculation] [unethical_laws] [repression] [private_technologies_intrusion] [war] [digital_divide] [borders] [channels_centralization] [mediatic_manipulation] [classism] [famine] [censorship] [precariousness] [slavery] [publicized_ignorance] [fundamentalism] [embezzled_teaching] ...

hm@gaia:~/Present: update /n

creating physical and logical tools ...
auto managed server ...
modifying social codes ...

hm@gaia:~/Node geodesic coordinates -v: 43º19' N 2º40' W; ca; run of valleys and hills following the NW-SE way /N

Localization: Astra Gernikeko Gaztetxea CSOA - Euskal Herria (Biscay - Spain)
Dates: October 12th,13th and 14th 2007

hm@gaia:~/man node /n

The HM will consist in talks, debates, workshops, exhibitions, performances, meetings and other nodes for what speakers, coordinators, participants, noncommercial sponsors, etc are needed.

Follow some of the topics covered in previous hackmeetings or topics we would like to share in the next one. But these are not the only ones. We search new points of view and discoveries you may be interested in showing up; debates you would like to coordinate; ideas and techniques you would like to share. Link your node.

    * Reality hacking
    * Copyleft
    * Auto managed wireless networks
    * Alternative and telematical information
    * Autonomous servers
    * Geneva summit WSIS (International Information Society Summit)
    * Free software: FreeBSD, GNU, Linux, GNU/Linux, Debian ...
    * Cryptography
    * Video-mediactivism
    * Hacktivism
    * Networked governments: LSSI, cybercrime laws, enfopol, censorship
    * Corporations in the Net: copyright's misuse, patents, spy, monopolies, DRM,...
    * Education and new technologies
    * Universal access to the Net, knowledge and technology
    * Civil, social and electronic disobedience
    * Cyberpunk
    * Artivism
    * Legal advice
    * Internet genealogy and its relationship with social movements
    * Hacker Philosophy
    * Hacklabs
    * Computer recycling
    * Introduction to GNU/Linux, TCP/IP, passwording, ...
    * Phreaking
    * Hacking
    * Reverse engineering
    * Privacy, cryptography, anonymity.
    * Virus, artificial intelligence, artificial life, cybernetics, ...
    * Smartcards, digital signature, RFID, ...
    * Tips (get power from the phone, build machines up from recycled parts, ...)
    * Contests
    * Roundtable discussions about books

The kind of talks are up to you, some suggestions:

 * posters (that explain or summarize some group activities, someone's ideas,
   ways to do something or the results of research or a project)
 * talks (with a duration about 1, 1h30 or 2h)
 * workshops (with a duration about 2-3h, more participative than a talk)
 * coordination meetings
 * round table discussions
 * shows (GPL material, old computers, clever artifacts, ...)
In addition to the face-to-face set of talks, telemmatical participation in real time is very welcome as any other digitized media and any kind of productive feedback.

hm@gaia:~/edit node.conf /n

All the proposals are discussed in the HM mailing list (hackmeeting @ listas.sindominio.net), we recommend you to subscribe to the list at http://listas.sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting to begin to participate in the node of your interest and to behold the process your proposal walks.

Anyway, for proposing nodes, send an email with the subject "[node] <name_of_your_proposal>" to these two email addresses:
   * hackmeeting @ listas.sindominio.net
   * charlas @ sindominio.net (this address is intended to be used to coordinate the timetable of the HM activities)

In the message body, we propose to fill the form below (or that you adapt it

to your proposal needs):

 Information for public/participants:
  1. Mode
    1. talk
    2. workshop
    3. round table discussion
    4. poster
    5. exhibition
    6. coordination meeting
    7. other
  2. Name of the coordinator/executor/author
  3. Title
  4. Summary
  5. Keywords
  6. Recommended previous knowledge for participants
  7. Structure/contents
  8. Methodology: exposition, discussion, practice, etc
  9. Duration
 10. Recommended readings (for introducing people to the topic before the node)

 Coordination information:
   1. Required stuff (f.i.: kind of space: outdoor, indoor, with or without chairs, ...)
   2. Schedule preferences (not everybody saturday eve, please)
   3. Attendance guarantee (from 1 to 10)
   4. Documentation or node files (if there is any, for publishing it on the web:
      slides, texts, software, whatever...)

Other ways of participating apart of the activity nodes (such as material provisioning, participating in the coordination meetings, to help coordinate activities, streaming tasks, translations, ...) are needed and welcome. For more information and for coordination questions the HM group meets virtually and permanently in the hackmeeting @ listas.sindominio.net mailing list. You can subscribe to it at http://listas.sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting

hm@gaia:~/cat metainformation /n

The first hackmeeting took place in Fiorenze in 1998 and since then it has been anually repeated (http://hackmeeting.org). Inspired by them, in 2000 it was hold also in Barcelona. Since then: 2001 in Leioa, 2002 in Madrid, 2004 in Iruña, 2004 in Sevilla, 2005 in Menorca and 2006 in Mataró, Chicago and Santiago de Chile simultaneously (http://sindominio.net/hackmeeting). Thanks to the free will of all of us the hackmeeting is still alive among us.
<"If art is the expression of human activity through which a real imagined vision gets existence...
and an artist is an individual with a specially sensitive disposition in front of his evolving reality, and the ability to communicate his/her feelings through the use of a good technique...
... a hacker is a technical artist. If there is no art in his work, it's not a hacker, it's just a technician">


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