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			   HackMeeting 2010

              ..:: knowledge | technology | empowerment ::..
                 ..:: sharing | building | resistance ::..

                      foo-bar October 2010, Zaragoza

                           important info

* What: Annual Hacktivist Meeting
* Where and When: From 9th to 12th October, at the 
  Squatted Social Center "Patio Maravillas", C/ Acuerdo 8, Madrid.
* Deadline for Node Proposals: 4th Octubre till 12.00 GMT+2


This message is an invitation to take an active role in the construction
of Hackmeeting 2009, to keep farming our network of activities and
meetings around hacktivism, cyberspace, telematics and their
technopolitical dimensions. This is a network which will get devirtualized
along an intense weekend of freedom, at the Squatted Automanaged Social
Center "Patio Maravillas" (Madrid, Spain) from 9th to 12th October.

As you may already know, the HM is a participatory, free (as in free beer)
meeting in which the gap between organizers and attendants gets dilluted
into the desire of an autogestionary collective meeting. We understand the
HM as a network of autoorganized activities (workshops, talks, expositions,
posters) that we call "nodes". You are invited to join it by proposing a
workshop/talk/activity/difussion node. Anybody is free to coordinate,
present, support and/or spread a node in the hackmeeting.

We would like this Hackmeeting to be a hacktivist techniques lab, which
can be publicly put into practice. That's why, besides meeting in front 
of the screens and exchanging knowledge in talks and workshops, we will 
go rampaging the streets, one more year. There will be a "pirate streets
sailing" action in order to defend our rights and keep fighting for a free,
neutral cyberspace. 
We are as well in seek of that some of the talks have a practical orientation
to be applied to activist movements.



These are some of the topics that have been dealed with in past editions of 
the hackmeeting, or topics we would like to share about into this one. But 
the sky is the limit. We seek new points of view and discoverings you would like 
to show, discussion panels you would like to coordinate and techniques you would 
like to share.

===>   NerdCore   <===
* Cryptography, Steganography
* Phreaking, Hacking, White-cracking
* Virus, AI, Artificial Life, Cybernetics
* Smart Cards, Digital Signature, e-Id, e-passport
* Digital security
* Techno-liberation (RFID, DRM...)
* Homemade marksmanship: advanced latex, cyberpunk jewelry, new materials...

===>   Hardware and Robotics   <===
* Hardware Recycling
* Hacks, Tips & Tricks 
* Workshops about antennae, DIY radios, bike-hacking...
* Gearing engine assembly
* Advanced Arduino ++ 
* Linux powered graffiter robots

===>   Getting into...  <===
* Introduction to GNU/Linux, Debian
* Cyberpunk History
* Universal Access
* Hacker philosophy + ethics
* 3D render and animation using FLOSS
* Collective music making
* Drum'n'Bass, VJ & demoscene 
* Alternative Energies: solar power, eolic, oil engines, hydrogen...
 * To infinity, and beyond

===>   HumanWare  <===
* Reality hacking, DIY, autogestionary projects
* Copyleft, FLOK.
* Copyfight: how to defend yourself from copyright, DRM, etc.
* Hacktivistas.net, past, present and future
* Governments and the Net: UE "Telecom" package, HADOPI law
* Corporations in the net: copyright, patents, spyonage, pressure lobbies, 
  de-facto monopolies, contangos, monopsonies ...
* Hacktivism and Electronic Civil Desobedience
* Educacion and ICTs
* The path to Distributed Social Networks. Social networks 
for activists
* Viral & Guerrilla Marketing
* Distributed databases. Integration with current tools
* Hacklabs
* Fabbing & 3D printers
* P2P networks: clients, protocols
* "The Pirate Bay" sue case
* The "Pirate Party" EU parliamentary ascension
* Law Hacking
* Geo-wikis, public space and electronic fluxes
* The HackNET, is it still alive? How to bootstrap it?

===>   Communication   <===
* Artivism, Free Mediactivism. Communication Guerrilla
* Autogestionary Wireless Networks
* Guifi.net project
* InterHacklabs Telephony Network. Asterisk, Piratel
* Streaming Kit: go on the air from a demonstration
* Alternative Communication Media & Independent media
* Hertz Guerrilla: FM/TV DIY emmitters
* Packet Radio
* Video workshops with free software

Along your presence, you are also encouraged to submit any
digital material to go online.

                 how to propose a node

All the nodes at:
are submitted to our mailing list ('hackmeeting at sindominio dot net' 
-- mostly spanish) 

You can also submit your proposal to 'charlas at sindominio dot net' 
and we will try to find yourself a free slot.

We suggest the following format:

A) Information to attendants
 1. Modality
   1. Talk
   2. Workshop
   3. Discussion panel
   4. Poster
   5. Exposition
   6. Coordination meeting
   7. Performance
   8. Other
 2. Name
 3. Title
 4. Abstract
 5. Keywords
 6. Recommended previous knowledge, if any 
 7. Structure / Content
 8. Methodology
 9. Time requires
 10. Suggested readings

B ) Coordination info

 1. Required material (PC, projector, chairs,...)
 2. Timetable preferences
 3. Probability of _really_ coming (del 1 al 10)
 4. Attached documents/URLs


                     further info

Feel free to write to the mailing list in case you
have any further questions or comments to be made.


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