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4.5.6 octubre
CSOA Laboratorio (Labo3)
Calle del Amparo 103. Barrio de Lavapiés.


The name and the philosophy of this event have been borrowed from previous editions of Italian Hackmeetings, since 1998.( As happened in Italy, we would like to talk in a friendly atmosphere of things that worry the Internet community, in every aspect of its life: technical, political, artistic.... We would like to gather with people who still believe that it is possible to support each others' fight inside, outside and by means of the Net, that it is possible to know each others' fights and to share our visions. Who are we? Where are we going? Can we still create beauty with the machines?


Madhack'02 will consist on talks, debates and workshops for people who wish to learn something about the following themes. The participation to the venue can be traditional (i.e. coming to Madrid) or virtual, by means of papers that will be made available both directly on the site of the meeting and on line. Here we list some of the topics we would like to talk about during the hackmeeting, but they aren't the only ones. We are looking for new view points and discoveries that you think should be interesting.

Estos son algunos de los temas sobre los que nos gustaria hablar en el hackmeeting, pero no los unicos. Buscamos nuevos puntos de vista y descubrimientos que os interese mostrar.

  • * Wireless
  • * ADSL
  • * Alternative communication
  • * Free software
  • * Criptography
  • * Video
  • * Videogames
  • * Hacktivism
  • * Governments in the net. LSSI, cybercrime laws, ENFOPOL
  • * Corporations in the net. Copyright, patents, Spying
  • * Education and new technologies
  • * Universal access
  • * Ciberpunk
  • * Artivism
  • * Is machine-squating the same as real squating? Legal help
  • * Genealogy of the net and realtionship with social movements
  • * Hacker phylosophy
  • * Privacy, criptography, anonymity
  • * Computer recycling
  • * GNU/Linux, TCP/IP, passwords ... for newbies
  • * Phreak
  • * Hacking
  • * Inverse engineering
  • * Viruses and artificial life
  • * Intelligent cards, digital signing
  • * Tricks (get energy from the phone, build a PC-table with recycled stuff, etc)
  • * Contests
  • *Mesas redondas sobre libros
  • * Workshop on computer recycling
  • * Workshops on TCP/IP, passwords ... for newbies
  • * Workshops on phreak, hack, crack, virii
  • * Tricks (get energy from the phone,...)
  • * Intelligent cards, digital signing
  • * Contests
  • * Workshop on wireless antenas


The Hackmeeting is not a conference in the traditional sense, in which some people get all the work organizing and preparing talks, and the rst go to the conference as mere expectators. Thus, to make the hackmeeting possible and real everybody must work at least a bit. Everyone can prepare a talk, workshop or help organizing.

Some tips:

*For the public/participants:

  • * 1. Author/presenter
  • * 2. Title(s)
  • * 3. Abstract
  • * 4. Keywords
  • * 5. Needed background
  • * 6. Structure/contents
  • * 7. Methods: "lecture", discussion, playing....
  • * 8. Duration.
  • * 9. Recomended readings. For the people that wants to be prepared before the talk.
For coordination:
  • * 10. Needed stuff (including type of room, with chairs, no-chairs, material, screen, etc...).
  • * 11. Timetable preferences.
Talks and workshops: : write to, to propose an activity. It is there where it will be decided if the activity is interesting for evryone. Then, you will have to write to the activity coordinators,,, to make the activity timetable. You will have to tell them your timetable preferences, needed stuff, level of the talk, references, recomended readings, links....

Organization:: the mailing list is open for everyone at:


Deadline for physic-talks: no later than the end of september, 2002
Deadline for virtual talks: no limit
Conference celebration: October 4, 5, 6 - 2002

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