Genoa, 21-22 july 2001

dossier about violations of civil and human rights

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  • Indymedia report [en]
  • Guardian UK report [en]
  • sTRANONETWORk report [it] [es] [fr] [de] [en]
  • article 1 [it]
  • article 2 [it]
  • Sunday Times article [en]
  • Yahoo! News: Police in brutal raid on G8 protesters' press centre [en]
  • Report on police brutality by cruntUK [en]
  • flash news about the raid in the IMC/GSF/School buildings: [en]
    report 1, report 2, report 3
  • Genoa police does'nt allow contact with Richard and Nicola [en]
  • Amnesty International requests urgent investigation [en]
  • Amnesty International Italy: violation of human rights in G8 countries [it]
  • Imprisoned american protestor await hearing [en]
  • Walden Bello on special report [en]
  • flash news about the raid in the IMC/GSF/School buildings: [it]
    report 1, report 2, report 3
  • Report from 100 desaparecidos, maybe more [it]
  • BBC reports about UK protersters held in Genoa: [en]
    report 1, report 2
  • ITN about UK protesters being help, featuring a Human Rights lawyer interview [en]
  • reports breach of human rights [en]
  • criticize the way police acted in Genoa [de]
  • on the release of some arrested protesters
  • A policeman from Poggio Imperiale witnessing about fascism and brutalities of his camrades [it]
  • 4 Detailed articles by [de]
    article 1, article 2, article 3 (and italian translation), article 4
  • direct witnesses / testimonianze dirette

  • A journalist, father of a young independent reporter in genoa, on the brutality his son received in jail [it]
  • Veronica witnesses the violence of the police on demonstrants [it]
  • Tiziana, a parlamentar present [it]
  • Lilliput-Trento pacifist association [it]
  • Caminiti about the black bloc [it]
  • Statement from nobordertour theatre caravan [de]
  • A policeman witnessing about brutalities in Bolzaneto on the pages of [it]
  • The major of Monterotondo, Antonio Lupi, witnesses about his son held in prison [it]
  • sound

  • IMC and RadioGAP assaulted by police 2.2M [it]
  • RadioGAP pressrelease after assault 524K [en]
  • italy.indymedia report from blicero 2.5M [en]
  • RadioGAP still streaming after police assault in the IMC sieged by police [it]
    part 1 3.4M | part 2 2.0M | part 4 469K
  • BBC World Service Story about the raid on IMC/GSF/School 1.7M [en]
  • RadioGAP recordings going on in the night DIR [it]
  • Report: witnesses about the raided school in front if the IMC 5.4M [it]
  • Report: lawyers document destroyed and spokesman arrested 804K [it]
  • BBC Radio4NewsReport on the 25th july [en]
    report 1 2.5M, Jack Straw UK Foreign Secretary 849K, report 2 379K
  • Carlo Giuliani's father, Giuliano, speaks at his son's funeral: [it]
    part 1, part 2
  • BBC Radio4NewsReport: 26 july, interview with Mark Covell [en]
  • images

  • Misc images from the Global Social Forum in Genoa DIR
    sources:, indymedia,, activists, artists, journalists.

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