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Press releases
CGH Press release, March 12, 2000 University City, March 12, 2000

General Strike Council
Press Bulletin
Resolutions for the March 11, 2000 session.

1. Pronouncements

1. Normality has NOT returned to UNAM. In UNAM normality does not exists, despite of what authorities and the government are persisting on imposing and their campaign which has been as such, believing that by repeating over and over again their lie it will somehow become true. We tell all the workers, all of the students of the country and all of the people, that the struggle continues and the CGH is standing. Whom would have given us up for dead, whom would have sang our defeat and the sadly celebrated group of threesome composed of Zedillo, Labastida, and De la Fuente, have had to keep silent amidst the multiple evidence that the CGH lives and is enjoying good health. Those who hurried up to cover all trace of our struggle by painting over the walls of the University, today have finished by declaring that they regret no having achieved the normality that they decreed since the very moment in which they were given back the buildings by hands of the military dressed in gray. With firm footing, we students are reinventing the forms of struggle and recovering confidence. The indignation is turning into action in multiple corners of our halls of study. They can no longer silence that there are strikes and closures to classrooms in multiple schools and faculties. There is no way to hide that students are challenging the presidents and are closing their offices. It is commented all over the place that the best representatives of the right-wing and the groups that hold power at the University had to flee like rats down the sewer drains amidst the student indignation that transformed into slogans and complaints. No one can be deaf in front of the student marches through the halls of various schools and faculties that slowly but surely are awakening the restlessness of those that were pressured into returning to attend classes. They can not detain the discussion by denying auditoriums and conference halls, because the forums, the debates and the cultural political acts are developing in court yards and open spaces. Who can speak of normality, when De la Fuente performs on the sly acts behind closed doors, the CGH arrives to intercept and reprehend him.?

We do not renounce any of the points of our petition because, now more than ever we are convinced that it barely contains the minimum conditions so that the University can be in conditions to debate and transform itself. We do not accept and will never accept the intention to do away with the freedom of education, or the desire to throw out from the University those whom it costs great effort to study. We shall continue fighting so that our University remains open for the children of the workers and so that each time more of the can attend. Because, this University which is autonomous really assumes the evaluation of its students. So that the political persecution and political espionage can end in our University, and for a true democratic and resolvent congress which defines the future of UNAM.

Those of us who are outside of our jails now very well that if we fight we do so we are putting at risk our permanency at the University and including our liberty. But that no longer frightens us. And, we feel really proud of our compañeros when we receive their communications telling us that all confidence is laid on the CGH, to never exchange points of our petition for them (political prisoners), that this struggle will not end until there is a resolution to all 7 points of the petition. It gives us pride but it does not amaze us because we know the type of compañeros with whom we have worked with for more than 10 months and we know that they are ready for anything and more.

Our political prisoner compañeros have given us a great lesson in dignity and integrity. They have demonstrated that it is true that conscience and commitment can not be incarcerated. They have taught us that prison is also a trench of struggle. From them we have learned that he who leaves the struggle, the one who shirks his duty or surrenders, is really the one who is imprisoned.

The repudiation and condemnation that you carry on your shoulders, señores, and which does not allow the centering of national attention from your farce of an electoral process. It will not diminish when opportunities are opened so that some compañeros may be released but leaving others in their prisons, you lose all hope. For us, all of our compañeros are the CGH. And while part of that CGH , which is part of our own selves, is incarcerated we will not stop invading the streets with brigades and marches, of covering the walls with posters, to take our word to the buses and the metro, to raise our scream of "POLITICAL PRISONERS FREEDOM." And there will be no normality, there does not exist a possible return to normality while the demands are not resolved, while there are political prisoners compañeros, while they maintain their taxing politics.

2. De la Fuente almost has 4 months and can't do anything. It has almost been four months, and what has he done? Nothing has been resolved. More than four months ago the inept De la Fuente was imposed into the rectory who has done nothing more than to make the conflict more acute. You who are a professional liar has failed even in your intent to deceive the university community, with your masks of conciliator, of dialog, of negotiator, of normalized academic life. You who are a professional hypocrite, can no longer achieve to coax anyone with your double discourse of "I wasn't informed until 7," "we are going to drop all charges," "the dialogue will continue," "UNAM will not be dismembered," etc. You who are a professional repressor, has not been able to annihilate the CGH, failing in your order given to you by your boss. You who are a coward without limits, have hidden behind the walls of the rectory, since you launched the military to open the doors for you, incapable to respond to the university community. In front of any manifestation of the student's movement struggle for the resolution of the petition and the liberty of our imprisoned compañeros, nothing else occurs to you but throw your directors and the group of researchers and academics who lend themselves to the game of confrontation, nothing else occurs to you than to threaten with the head of the PFP. Nothing else occurs to you but to increment your political police, to fill the university campus with judicial police, to plan the shaping of a new policing body with dissuasive equipment in the university. Nothing else occurs to you but repression. The "normality" that you proclaim only exists in your schizophrenic mind, Dr. psychiatrist. Your impotency has led you to use the services of the military police looking to defeat the student movement. You sent to detain a thousand university people, many of which still remain behind these walls, behinds these bars. Liberate the immediately, solve the problems posed by the student movement, do not be uncompromising, do not stretch out the matter. Respect the agreements of the 10th of December. Do not continue lying, do not even fool yourself.

3. We call on all the students to participate in the assemblies of their schools and faculties, to form part of them, of the discussions, the decisions and actions impelled by these and the CGH, taking their resolutions into the same action. We make a call to define your position in respect to the dialogue (no dialogue if there are prisoners, summon a dialogue now, not summon a dialogue for the moment until the situation has been evaluated in keeping with the conditions given for it). The congress, a metropolitan strike for the 6th of April, a work day of creating awareness for the compañeros of new admissions and the functioning mechanism of the CGH. The next reunion of the CGH will happen next Monday, March 20, at 12PM in the Faculty of Political Science.

II. Plan of Action

Wednesday, March 15: Massive Concert on the grounds of the Rectory from 11AM, to commemorate the year of struggle already achieved in defense of public and free education for all. Everyone to the concert for the resolution of the demands of the movement with base in the April 10th accords and the immediate liberation and absolute to ALL of our compañeros!

Thursday March 16: Reception for the march of the Zapatista Coordinators who are coming from Contreras to the Rectory, on the open grounds, at 5:30PM.

Friday March 17: As part of the National Day of Protest driven forward by the National Council of Struggle, the CGH impels the taking over of all the government buildings of all the institutions, or the actions the assembly considers pertinent with the following core elements:
a. Total and Immediate liberty to all of the political prisoners and the presentation, with life, of all those disappeared.
b. Against the neoliberal privatization.
c. Free higher education and the fulfillment of the CGH petition.
d. Against repression and the desolution of the anti-constitutional bodies of the PFP and the riot police.

Saturday March 18: MARCH!, from the Monumento a la Revolución al Zócalo at 2PM as part of the National Work Day of Struggle with the core cited above.

Everyone to prepare the national consultation for the end of March with the core:

1. Liberation to ALL the political prisoners.
2. Free education.
3. Against privatization.
4. For the renunciation of De la Fuente (on behalf of the political prisoners of UNAM)


At the achievement of one year of struggle and resistance, the CGH lives, EVERYONE drive forward the plan of action of the CGH!

Press and Publicity Commmittee
General Strike Council - UNAM

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