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Para las charlas hará falta un proyector. Para el taller animamos a que cada cual traiga todo el material disponible que tenga para crear robots.

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10: allí estaremos

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ENGLISH version

This is a proposal and a call for participation for a continuous workshop on autonomous robotics during the hackmeeting, making use (if possible) of a space almost exclusively dedicated to robotics and its intersection with society in order to actively and participatively explore its technopolitical dimensions.

We so far have one robot, Nomad, and hopefully will also have a number of lego robot kits for the workshop. We need other robots to come to the workshop :) and a group of humans to coordinate the workshop too. In addition involvement of lots more robots and humans will be required for coordination, talks, projects, technical skills, design, etc ... in order to facilitate communication we have the grey-walter mailing list at sindominio:


The workshop should include at least (other initiatives welcome):

1. Technical talks about the history of robotics, and sociopolitical and technical aspects of AI and robotics. By now we have two talks: (a) Robótica autónoma... ¿dictadura o revolución? pasado, presente y futuro (by Xabier Barandiaran); (b) El proyecto ANA: la robótica como una de la bellas artes subversivas (by LaFabricaDeCosasBonitas) 2. Permanent workshop of open and free play with robots, control system implementation, robotic architectures, etc. 3. A collective project to have, for the duration of the hackmeeting, robots exploring the hackmeeting and sharing copyleft material via attached external usb harddrives. the robots explore and navigate the physical hackmeeting with their physical sensors such as sonar and bump sensors. they also navigate the hackmeeting network looking for computers which share lots of information. wifi sensors look for connections between computers on the network and in the physical world. [just an idea though :) for more details join the mailing list - everything is under construction and needs to be defined]

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