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Hackmeeting Mataró 2006 :: Experience your freedom

The 2006 hackmeeting is running ... this is the seventh time we have run this self managed event. Hackmeeting is for people interested on sharing knowledge on the political implications of technology and hacking in general.

Manifiesto 2006

This year the Hackmeeting will focus on the struggle and search for knowledge of sharing spaces, the recovery of the ecological balance of the biosphere and technosphere, and the new technopoltical challenges that are appearing. During this year the Data retention law has been approved, this "menaces" our network privacy and our freedom of speech. The european copyright directive is being passed into law in all EU countries, along with the approval of the new LPI (Intellectual Property Law)

The implementation of DRM technology is also a reality (information flow will be directly controlled by big corporations and copyright lobby groups). But not everything is bad news: the call to action for a free culture with free technology last year resulted in more than 15 direct actions against copyright. The GPLv3.0 will be soon with us and this year three hackmeetings will synch our missions for retaining our freedom (Mataró, Chicago and Chile). The event will happen at CSOA La Fibra of Mataró and as usual it's open to everybody eager to participate.

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