Forum 2004 is already here. Thanks a lot. This motto was all around Barcelona by the time this map hit the streets on March 19, 2004. But, what is this Forum really about?

As you may see in this map, Forum is mainly about lies and false events. Forum is about diversity, about the "Other": the immigrant without a permit chased by the police and exploited. It's about sustainability: a City Council that has become the biggest real estate speculator in town. Forum is also about peace made through war: the war in Iraq and everyday wars in our own town. That's what the Forum is actually about.

Forum is huge scenery. It's a setup that distorts reality, where the show is nothing but the Forum itself. This map tries to show what's going on behind the scene.

For several months, social groups and movements in Barcelona that stand against Forum 2004 have worked together to share the information and experience this map tries to show. Like any other map, this one is not absolutely exact, nor is it finished:

Link up its points,
Add the missing ones,
And draw lines of action.

“What is Forum 2004 really about?” is already here. Thanks a lot.

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la otra cara del fòrum de les cultures

La otra cara del Fòrum de les Cultures, S.A.

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Ba®celona Marca Registrada
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