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Imagen:Madhack_nombre.png2009/Call4NodesPatio Maravillas

The HM2009 is happening at Madrid, from the 9th to the 12th of October, in the CSOA Patio Maravillas, C/Acuerdo 8 (how to come).


The hackmeeting is a free self-governed event dealing with new technologies, its social implications, the free circulation of knowlegde and techniques, privacy, collective creation, the telecom conflict... It's aimed at everyone with an open, curious mind willing to share their experiences and enjoy the event as part of the organization. Some of the talks and workshops require advanced technical knowledge, other don't, others do not require computer experience at all.

To know the event better you might read the Manifest and the frequently asked questions, watch this video of Hackinvisible 2008 and check the websites of previous hackmeetings 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 2002, 2001, 2000).

Attending the event

(how to arrive, sleep, eat)

To attend the Hackmeeting it is convenient that you add yourself to the attendee list. A place will be prepared for around 150 people in the same place where the hackmeeting takes place. You only need to bring a sleeping bag and a mat.


The node is the fundamental unit in the organization of the hackmeeting: talks, meeting, proposals, actions, round table, workshop or whatever you want.

Nodes proposal is closed. We're considering nodes to proceed.

  • Watch the list of all the nodes since 2005 till now, 2009 NODES (the node is the fundamental unit in the organization of the hackmeeting: talks, meeting, proposals, actions, round table, workshop or whatever you want)

You can also:

  • Visit the Archive of the material that has been generated over these 10 years of hackmeeting history.


The hackmeeting makes no distinction between attendees and organizers, so we encourage you to participate actively in the organization: go to the coordination section and join the mailing list that is the open telematic popular assembly of this event, and ask, ask, ask... We also meet by IRC in the channel #hackmeeting of the serve irc.freenode.net

Dark Wave

Google has released a new technology that can put down the social servers like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and can integrate gobby-style tools for coordination of communities with email and mailing lists. Unfortunately we would be even more dependent on Google, on its powerufl control of all the fluxes of information, on its painful data-mining tools drilling into our social nature. The world would be a sunny, happy place for the Goliath of the network... were not because in this hackmeeting we have a slingshot of our own: Dark Wave. Join the tsunami.


Language problems? Not all the website is translated into english: use the mailing to get your questions asnwered, and feel free to send me an email using the "E-mail this user" feature (click 'history', then my user name, then the feature will appear in the toolbox).