De Hackmeeting


Manifesto MeigHacks 0.1

The right to free information for the sake of free knowledge has been always one the pillars of the Hackmeeting. But it is much more than that:

This year, year in which outrage has taken the squares, in which copyrights and the SGAE are being inquired by the law, in which Europe passes that copyrights should last 70 years instead of 50, while institutions promote budget cuts for social services that leave people on the street. There are many reasons therefore to enjoy the pleasure of meeting, thinking, learning, and sharing.

We, hackers, hacktivists, nerds, lurkers, technology hobbyists, geeks, and other geek personalities, return our hands to the keys so to bit by bit, and ping by ping implement another HM. To put together social, technological and political threads by self-management, in a horizontal space where people's protocol distinctions between who programs and who uses, between servers and clients disappear.

Now that everyday it is forgotten the essence of free software, while huge corporations ignore the success of the model of open production of knowledge, we are astonished at the increasing complexity of toys that become more and more difficult to disassemble and reassemble.

So we only have left to say: To you, political and financial powers, exhausted giants of flesh and steel, we come from the squares, primordial ancient origin of people´s forums, everlasting agora of debate, living scenario of human beings' creativity. From here, again, we want to recuperate the power that at some point in time you have institutionalized, bureaucratized. For that purpose, we are building a new way of creating, a new way of relating, of enjoying by sharing and learning by teaching. As such, practicing collective self-learning, we are making a new world reemerge, a world in which we want to live and not just survive. All that at the neutrino's super-luminous speed, but not so fast so our heads resonate with too much malware, greedy ISPs, befuddled codes, roots, zombie systems and all that private hardware that bugs us. And to all that, we now call it MeigHacks, so that bits will become full of earth, medicinal herbs, past times, because science does not heal us nor academies teach us anymore. But so they do networks, forests, howtos, wikis, and faqs of ancestral knowledge. To realize that everything is mystery, to wrap ourselves in a meighack thinking hat, and to gaze what these computerized meigas (witches) have to offer us.