De Hackmeeting

                         HackMeeting 2012
             CALL 4 NODES, TAKE PART IN IT! v.1.0

..:: knowledge | technology | power | sharing | building | resisting ::..

    12, 13, 14 October 2012 @ Ca la Fou, Vallbona d'Anoia, Barcelona

                        important information

* What: Annual Hacktivist Meeting 
* When and Where: 12-14 October, in Ca la Fou, Vallbona d'Anoia,
* 41.51073, 1.70284
* Deadline for proposals: 10 October 2012


Once more, this year, we are going to join our energies and gather
around what motivates us the most: hacktivism, cyberspace,
free-software culture and free hardware... It is a self-organised and
self-managed weekend turning around technopolitical experiences and

The Hackmeeting consists of autonomous yet inter-connected Nodes
(workshops, talks, round tables, experiments, meetings, etc). Everyone
can bring his/her node to the hackmeeting. 

There is no preconceived idea of what this hackmeeting will be. Hacking
and hacktivism in a wide (and wild!) sense: machine and protocol
hacking but also hacking of social codes and ways of envisioning, using
and understanding the technology... Participate and share your hacks
(whether IT or not), open your mind, spread your viral ideas.
Copyfight, distributed networks, free hardware, new inventions, music,
debates, workshops... come and speak up loud, make your node happen!


Here you can find some of the topics treated during previous editions
of the hackmeeting as well as some of the topics we would like to
approach this year. But remember - even the sky isn't a limit! We
always seek new points of view, constantly looking forward discovering
whatever you would like to bring and share:  your inventions,
discussion panels you would like to coordinate and techniques you would
like to elucidate.

===>   Hack the Media   <===
* Self-managed networks
* Practical media-activism
* Privacy and anonymity
* Encryption
* Security, networks.

===>   NerdCore   <===
* Cryptography, steganography
* Phreak, Hack, Crack
* Virus, artificial life, artificial intelligence, cybernetics
* Electronics, free hardware, robotics.

===>   HumanWare   <===
* Free culture/software/hardware/society
* copyright
* hacktivism
* hacker philosophy
* cyberpunk
* Reality hacking, DIY, self-management

===>   Free-Software for all   <===
* How to tell your uncle what free-software is
* Free-software tools: debian, firefox, openoffice, etc.

==>  Ca la Fou special <==
* Towards an eco-industry
* Organising post-capitalism 

Along your presence, you are also encouraged to submit any
digital material to go online.

                       How to propose a node

If you want to present a node at the Hackmeeting, send a proposal to the
mailing list (hackmeeting@listas.sindominio.net) with the tag "[nodo]"
in the email subject.

If you want to see the replies to your proposal, check the
mailing-list's archive or subscribe yourself to the list here:
https://listas.sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting (mostly in
Spanish but people do understand English and will be happy to answer to
your questions).

Then wait for a couple of days and if there is no negative reaction to
your node proposal, take it as accepted (as it is usually the case) and
move to filling up the following wiki-form:
(you will need to subscribe to the wiki to edit it! yet you can also
ask someone to do it for you).

                    other ways to take part in it

All the different ways of participating in the hackmeeting, other than
organising nodes, are more than welcome: bring your own hardware to
share it with others, take part it the meetings, coordinate activities,
translating, radio-video streaming, cleaning, etc.

If you want to get more information or if you would like to get
involved the assembly: the Hackmeeting meets telematically via the
mailing list hackmeeting @ sindominio.net. You are welcome to subscribe
and join us: http://listas.sindominio.net/mailman/listinfo/hackmeeting

                           further information

The first hackmeeting took place in Florence in 1998 and since then it
keeps happening in Italy every year (http://hackmeeting.org). Our
Spanish hackmeeting for the first time happened in Barcelona in 2000
and ever since we keep meeting every year.