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[hackmeeting barcelona'00]

Hackmeeting BCN
20.21.22 Octubre 2000
CSOA Les Naus, Barcelona.


The name and the philosophy of this event have been borrowed from an Italian event. Barcellona's Hackmeeting ideas has been born during our partecipation to the previous editions of Italian Hackmeetings, since 1998.(http://www.hackmeeting.org).

As happened in Italy, we would like to talk in a friendly atmosphere of things that worry the Internet community, in every aspect of his life: technical sides, political implications, artistical possibilities....

We would like to gather with people who still believe that it's possible to support each others' fight inside, outside and by means of the Net, that it's possible to know each others' fights and to share our visions.

Who are we? Where are we going? Can we still create beauty with the machines?


hmbcn'00 will consist of talks, debates and workshops for people who'll want to learn something about the following themes. The partecipation to the venue can be traditional (i.e. coming to Barcelona) or virtual, by means of papers that will be made available both directly on the site of the meeting and on line.

Here we list some of the themes we would like to talk about during the hackmeeting, but the number will probably grow.
  • Presentation of new groups and associations
  • Enfopol and Echelon
  • Counterinformation on the Net
  • Free Software
  • Telephone companies and other feudal legacies. Universal Access and flat bills.
  • Cyberpunk
  • Corporations in/on the Internet
  • Artivism
  • Squatting computers is like squatting IRL? Legal Aspects
  • Internet Genealogy and Relations with the social movements
  • Internet in political actoions
  • Hackers from inside. Hacking philosophy.
  • Practical Privacy
  • Media seen from the inside
  • Weed and other forms of mind hacking
  • Not exclusively English: other cultures and languages on the Net
  • FreeNet, Napster, Gnutella...A new Scenary?
WORKSHOP o How to bend technology to our interests:
  • Tricks (phonephreaking, ecc.)
  • Smart cards, digital signatures... What are they in the end?
  • Phreak
    • Dumb and Smartcards.
    • GSM clonation, a fact.
    • Public Phones.
    • Smartcards emulation.
    • PBX, PABX, and more: how can we play with them?
    • RTC anonimity: does it exist?
  • Hack
    • Using UNIX systems.
    • Win2000, ie how to get in from the window.
    • Novell Netware.
    • Cisco weaknesses.
    • CGI hacking.
    • DoS attacks.
    • Social engeneering.
  • Crack
    • Initiation to Windows cracking.
    • Playing with Windows registry.
    • Linux cracking.
  • Virii
    • The new generation of virii.
    • Anitiviruswhat do they protect us from?
  • COntests


Send ideas and articles in .txt or ascii format to hackmeeting@sindominio.net to get in touch with us.This is the address of the ml coordinating the organization of the meeting.

If you want to actively partecipate to the list, it's completely free.
Send an email to hackmeeting-request@sindominio.net with the subject: subscribe


Deadline for sending ideas or articles by snailmail: no later than september, 30 ; to
CSOA Les Naus, Calle Alegre de dalt 52, Barcelona
Deadline for e-mails: no limit

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