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Büreau-Politik Real-Politik La Organización El Padrecito Campañas

SCCPP gets organized following a recipe of a beloved friend from barcelona as a "network of autonomous groups that do what comes out of their cojones", and, believe us, it'snot cojoncentrism, it's just a way of talking of our friend)

It's about building tools available to anyone willing to use them for any daily and enjoyable sabotaje, helping that way to build networks focused in action and practice, networks which are not paralyzed by eternal debates and different rythms

¿Do youhave your own versión of what an SCCPP could be like? The go ahead, count upon us for whatever you need and if you don not need us, all the best. Get coordinated for the distribution if that's interesting for you o get stuff from other SCCPP's.

/E-Mail us. /En español.