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Intellectual Property: a New Frontier of Power and Knowledge

Piracy, plagiarism, levies on photocopies and CD-Rs, anti-piracy boards, free-software mouvement, Napster, copyleft, "Top Manta", biopiracy, generic medicines, peer to peer technologies... now it's a long time since our present time gets overloaded with all sorts of words and names which actually go to express a deep-rooted social dispute about circulation of ideas, intellectual property, types of copyright, free access to public goods and the sources of creation.

By the end of March, sponsored by the Universidad Nómada and a multitude of people working on issues concerned freedom of information and civil liberties, a meeting will be held in Madrid on intellectual property. We'll try to gather people coming from a variety of situations who share a common unrest as they see their creative work being increasely threatened by an ever growing set of tough and property-sided copyright and patent laws: musicians, publishers, software developpers, translators, writers, students, users... The point is to collectively raise questions and experiences, to draw up collectively discourses and working and distribution initiatives nor restricting the right to copy nor crushing collective creation.

The meeting on intellectual property will be held in Madrid between 27-30 March 2003, at CSO Laboratorio 03 (c/ Amparo 103) and the Casa Encendida (Ronda de Valencia, 2).