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At these heights of the storm of anti-globalization it should already be very clear that globalization is just free capitalism that is to say... capitalism as savage as ever encompassing every aspect of the world and of our lives.

If before capitalism reached the doors of the factory now it has left the factory and accompanies the worker to his car, goes with him through the supermarket, actually makes his grocery list, goes by the school to pick up the kids and then goes home. Capitalism gets home and turns on the TV, suggests frozen trash for dinner. In the movie after dinner, capitalism is the good guy and the bad guy (they’re the same)... oh, and capitalism is on the TV even during the commercials, it doesn't matter if you change the channel because they are all part of the same chain (why is it that they are called chains?)

So this is why it's called globalization, obviously, because it's in all parts, in all corners of the world and aspects of your life. This is the manner that it makes you do what you do, generate more benefits for him, makes him bigger and that is how he can get to the more far away corners-- that is if they still exist.

In the USA they are groups called "cool-hunters" that dedicate themselves to precisely that... to find what is cool, original…etc, things that don't create monetary benefits from anyone, and trap it. Then the cool-hunters sell it to capitalism that then makes money with it.


They send it around the world to be multiplied and generalized... this is what happened with hip-hop and political art to just name a few. Feeling and seeing this many people left up their hands and give up saying that there is nothing they can do... everything has been taken, sold and bought.

But, is there something to do? Can we only, and don't think we're saying that it's not important, protest and get beat up every time the bad guys get together? Because that is the only thing that people know us, the anti-globalization movement as.

Maybe we're being short-sighted if we only think that capitalism has gotten loose, that it's everywhere and that it expects and needs to always get a profit... but we shouldn't leave it at that, we need to see that capitalism is also as fragile as ever.

In the past when capitalism was only at the doors of the factory in order to stop the machine one could strike. Strikes and revolutions, but that was tough because we had to get a lot of people together and get them to agree and you know how hard that is. Now if capitalism is everywhere then it’s easier to fuck with, sabotage and rip holes in his pants.

We have seen that there can be resistance in any corner of the world, in campaigns against McDonalds, Nike, Shell, Ibertrola or whichever bad guy but we shouldn't become collectors of stickers against this or that or spend our lives going from one protest to another.

The moment has come for "Sabotaging Capitalism Creating Perverted Parties" (SCCPP from know on). We have to analyze how capitalism works in every act of our everyday life and discover a fun and cool way to make the punch. One SCCPP: the big commercial centers are great. I have a friend who takes pieces of meat out of the plastic and puts them in the clothing section between the clothes (uugh). Other people with more practical sense or with more appetite (my friend is German and vegetarian) take the food without paying and eat it with friends. Sabotage needs to be fun, it’s important to understand that because capitalism tries to make our lives dull and boring. A SCCPP needs to do something that she wants to do.

Of course we have to organize ourselves. We can't say what we said as kids: if the 500 million Chinese in the world agreed to fart at the same time! Uffff! That which we could call


the model of the "consensual Chinese fart" is not valid as a political instrument. Too bad.

We have to start investigating the necessary tools to organize groups... think the people at SCCPP...


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