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There's kind of a crisis of the anti-globalization movements after Genoa and, specially, after March in Barcelona: It's become more and more obvious that out of the big demonstrations against the so called summits we will not get much more legitimacy nor much more antagonistic force than the one we've got till now. All our counter-summits will keep being considered under the "violent-people-meeting" category or the aseptical plastic bag of the "civic-ludic festivals".
Chenoa and Barcelona give a clear idea of what each of these models could bring about respectively.

Quite clearly the bigger effectivity of these demonstrations was the based upon the combined effect of direct action and civil disobedience supported by big masses of people. And obviously the weakest side came out of the necessary dependency for our calendar and agenda of their summits.
SCCPP is a propossal for a format of action that gets together the nicest forces we've been able to start and that puts them to work precisely there where we can be stronger and more pervasive, in that place most alike to our own terrain: our everyday life.

And not because we believe this everyday life is a kind of oasis where capitalism does not intervene, but right the contrary: because it seems clear that it's just there where it grows and gets fatter more effectively.

It's a matter of considering how capital goes its way through our daily lives and how we can fuck it up, while, if posible, having fun in an SCCPP moment.Perhaps some specific areas could be isolated where SCCPP could be working:

Distribution of money under the form of merchandise, and it's there where a trade mark like YOMANGO makes sense.
Distribution of people under the form of migrants, and lets think there of civil disobedience campaigns like mundos SOÑADOS.

SCCPP is that way one more way of doing social and civil disobedience direct action that claims to be sustainable as fas as it is joyous and viceversa.